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February 07 2018

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#Harry Potter and the Representation I Didn’t Actually Bother to Write But Still Want Credit For


I both love and hate that we’re growing more and more aware of just how problematic JK Rowling really is

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so… you come here often? 

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That’s better.

they filed a DMCA and got the video taken down holy shit


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i have a theory….

this some pixar theory bullshit








To all of my california friends who can’t miss fireflies because they haven’t ever seen them.

^ what? do they not have fireflies in CA??????????

Nope! They don’t really live west of the rockies.  The first time I saw them in Ohio, I thought I was hallucinating.

The fireflies were the most fantastic part of my first visit to America. I was with my BF and my roller derby team and we were in one of those yellow schooll buses being taken back from the tournament venue. I spotted some lights in the bushes and pointed it out… then we all lost our minds!!! As it got darker we saw there were SO MANY! Our American hosts couldn’t believe how crazy we were for them… but there is nothing even remotely like this in Scotland, it was like being in a fantasy movie or something. I’ll never forget them.

I love them so much! They come out part-way through my Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop (now taking applications! Pat Cadigan returns as special guest author this year!) each year, and it’s such a joy to introduce these little delights to people from parts of the world where they can’t see them.

PS: In Minnesota, we called them “lightning bugs.”

We had them in Norfolk, Virginia when I was a kid. Same time of year as the junebugs, but those are in the daytime.

Ok but imagine being an Irish immigrant coming to America for the first time having never heard of them and just…nope nope nope Don’t Go In Those Fields The Fairies Fucking Followed US I Thought We Would Be Free Of This Nonsense

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Annie Clark + her uncle, Tuck Andress

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St. Vincent

MasterCard House Pre-Grammy Concert
New York City, 23 January 2018
By Paul Searing



when i woke up this morning, my first thought was ‘no one visits my grave anymore’ and i was really sad for a few minutes so i lay on my bed with my eyes shut and then all of a sudden i opened my eyes and was like ‘wait i don’t have a grave what the fuck’

you were possessed

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this is so funny to me

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corgi colors

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Some jokes really don’t age well.

there’s an alternate universe somewhere where phil hartman is still alive and the simpsons ended after season 8

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The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 

Well, clearly you failed 9th grade Social Studies.

You know… I honestly don’t remember how did in 9th grade Social Studies?

I did okay majoring in Political Science and American Government in undergrad though. I graduated summa cum laude so I figure I must have learned something?

Law school also went alright I guess? I did somehow manage to get an article about the constitutionality and modification of excessive force laws through out the 50 states placed in a national publication. And I also managed to pass the Bar Exam. 

But yeah it’s totally possible I failed 9th grade social studies tbh. I was a little shit when I was 15 and gave no fucks. 

Hey, 911, I just witnessed a murder.


The most relatable moment from spongebob for me is when he went over to Sandy’s house for the first time and was too polite and socially nervous to tell her he was slowly dying

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